Innovative Learner/Thinker

“I recognize that there are obstacles in education, but as an innovator, I will focus on what is possible today and where I can push to lead towards tomorrow” – George Couros

This is a great quote because it is so true. There is going to be a lot of obstacles in education and you are going to have to find a way to think of a new approach to overcome the obstacle, or you’re going to have to just climb over it slowly and get there. As an innovator you can’t give up and forget about the obstacle, you have to fight through it or you have to think of something else.

“We need to unlearn the idea that every student needs to learn the same content when really what they need to learn is how to self-direct their own learning.” -Will Richardson

Creativity Abstract Technology
Creativity Abstract Technology Concept Wallpaper Background With Graph

This is a great quote as well because it is also very true. Students need to not only be learning, but they need to be learning how to go their own path. They need to be learning in their own way and learning in the way that best fits them. If they know how to learn and go the right direction, they are going to be a lot more successful.

I have always been known as an innovative learner and thinker. I have always been the one who is misunderstood, the one who is always thinking outside of the box, and looking so deep into things. People see a weird shape in the sky, I see Texas. People are always telling me “Oh my gosh, how did you even think of that?” or “How are you so observant?” I look at everything that is ordinary and I make it into something more and something that no one has ever thought of. This semester I have used it in about every single one of my posts. With being an innovative thinker, it is not hard to write like it either. If you look at some of my posts, I always dig for something deeper and always have thoughts that others may have never thought of.

I have unlearned the idea that students have to learn a certain way to learn a standard. They can learn in their own way and be perfectly fine. This semester I have unlearned that English involves a bunch of papers, it can be blogging, collaboration, and fun. There are so many things I have learned and unlearned this semester that I will carry on with me forever. One thing I think I will have to unlearn is the fact that you can help everyone. Not every student can be helped, some don’t want too and you have to just try your best to help them as much as you can.

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Theories of Learning


This week I wanted to share something that I found interesting. Looking above you can see all the different kinds of learning theories. There are two types of learning theories: External and Internal and there are two within those. I loved how it talks about the digital age and how future generations and some now are going to work because of such advances in technology. This chart is very interesting and I hope you all find as much use out of it as I did.


Here is something I also wanted to talk about. I have been hearing so many negative things this past week about school and just no one having any motivation and it has been really sad. If we all have these types of mindsets then that means that you are going to have no motivation. If you start to have a more positive mindset, you are going to be able to get through the week and actually enjoy it more. Mindset is everything. If you are going to sit there and be negative, have a poor attitude and talk about how much you hate your life and how miserable something is going to be, then it is going to be miserable. If you have a positive mindset, Who knows? You could end up really enjoying it and actually learn something new. Every day is a gift and you shouldn’t take it for granted. You should enjoy life while you can because you never know when your last day will be. Remember: It is a bad day, not a bad life.

Don’t be so hard on yourself either, We all make mistakes and things happen. You have to know that everything happens for a reason and you can only do the best you can. If I do bad on a test then I can accept that. When I am preparing for a test, I make sure I am well-prepared. Then when the test comes I know I did everything I could to pass.

Independent Learning Project-Final


What have you learned about yourself from your Independent Learning Project?

What I have learned about the Independent Learning Project is that it’s great to take that little time out of your week and explore something new. I have learned a lot by making time for my Independent Learning Project every week. I get to take time out of my day, it counts as my homework, and I get to explore something that I enjoy doing and want to further my education in. One thing I learned about myself while doing these is: I think I need to start doing this once a week. I need to take the time and research the things in my job field. Just that little bit of knowledge every week is going to add up in the end.

How easy was it to motivate yourself throughout the semester to work on it?

It was easy to motivate myself to work on it because it was something I really enjoyed and looked forward too. It gets hard to do it on my own, especially when I have school work I can be doing. But since it was due, I got to enjoy it and it counted as homework. I am already a motivated person and I am organized, and like to get my stuff in early. This is so I am not so stressed about everything and can relax on the weekends. The Independent Learning Project was easy for me to be motivated because it is something I got to choose to learn about and enjoy. I am really self-motivated when it comes to this kind of stuff.

How challenging? What was the best part of the project for you? If you’re on the teaching track, how might you incorporate independent learning in your classroom?

It wasn’t really that challenging for me because I already knew what I wanted to learn about and if I want to learn about something I am pretty excited and stay on top of it. I am actually wanting to be a Counselor. I think that this would be something I could incorporate if I do end up teaching because this will give students some time to learn about what they want and take a break from all the required standard work we make them do. Personally, I got so bored doing what is required and not fun. When my students get bored they are not going to want to pay attention or listen anyways so it will be pointless to just keep throwing the same stuff at them every day.  I could throw the Independent Learning Projects in there to break it up a bit. This will even give students an option of what they want to learn about that week and you can have them summarize what they learned into a paper and then present it.


Canva Graphic Visual

The graphic visual I chose to create was a Blog Promoter on the Canva website. I really enjoyed the website because it is easy to get around. It didn’t take me very long to find everything, and it is very organized so you don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to find out where everything is, and how to create something. Graphic visuals like this can be hard to navigate and some people won’t waste their time if it is a pain to do something simple. Canva was easy and accessible.

The most challenging thing about this was trying to sort through and figure out what kinds of shapes I wanted to use. There is so much that is offered on the website (for free) that there are so many options to choose from. It took me awhile to look through everything because I was curious on what all I could use.  I think that when people have to choose between so many options that they get frustrated. I can’t even go into the store ROSS because of how many options there are and how unorganized it all is.

I searched around Canva for about 45 minutes and looked at all the different ideas that I could choose from. I found that I really wanted to make something that would promote my blog. There were some that were very detailed, so that is why I found it challenging to make my own because I haven’t gone through college so I don’t have any degrees I can put on here or much experience. You could use this tool to promote yourself for a job and you can implement it in your classroom as well.

You can implement it by having your high school class prepare for their future jobs or resumes. I think this would be a great tool in preparing students for college and future employment. (of course, it would have to be more detailed).  I think for that reason, it would be valuable. Plus, when you promote yourself and post this on your social media it has the power to possibly go viral. People are more likely to follow you and want to hire you when they know a lot about you. This gives them some basic information about yourself and shows some of your success so that they know what they are getting into when following you or hiring you.

I just downloaded my creation and saved it, no link needed.

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Classroom Tools


Since we are talking about technology, I wanted to talk about the importance of keeping up on the current and new technology that come out. Keeping up on technology is beneficial for students and teachers. That is why new teachers that are fresh out of college are hired, because they have and know all the new stuff, and have fresh ideas! Here are a couple of tools that I have found, and will try out.

Teachers have to have formative assessments for their students. This has been going on for a lot of years now because these assessments determine what the students know and don’t know. This gives the teachers an idea on what they need to help their students learn more, or what to go over to clear up any misconceptions. After researching, I looked up a few new technology ideas that would be good for a classroom setting and helping students learn.


Kahoot! is a game based on students responses. Teachers have to sign up and it’s free. They they get to decide what to create for their students from a bunch of different activity choices. There are quizzes, discussion options, surveys, and PowerPoint Jeopardy. This would be a great tool for test reviews. From reading the reviews on Kahoot! I can see that a lot of students are enjoying it, and are excited about playing. The nice part is, students can play this fun educational game on their own as well. They can get the link from their teacher, and play in their free time and continuing to learn and study.


Formative is another good formative assessment tool. This allows teachers to create their assignments, use existing assessments, and share them with their students. The way it works is teachers create a link or a private classroom, and students can go on their and see what their assignment is or they can study, and see what they are going to be learning next. Teachers can even have it so students have to respond to what they have learned, or they can have it set to show the teacher what the students are having the most trouble with. You can see all the responses as well. This would be great for math classrooms. When you are creating assignments you can draw, or attach videos that will help students complete it. You can add images, and you can also provide sub notes and a text block.


Padlet is something that you use when you want to see collaboration or use when you are needing to present. But, it can also help students knowledge too. You can choose a free account or the other one. You have to create a username and password, and then you can start. Padlet comes with a cork board, it allows you to customize everything from images to backgrounds, and you can choose your own URL which makes it easier for students to find you, and showing students where they need to go. The nice part about Padlet is the teacher can control every aspect of it. The teacher can approve the posts before the are online for everyone to see, and you can also do a moderation option which allows students to use their own thinking and responses so they aren’t cheating.

Padlet is great for collaboration because you can post videos and link to where students can comment on them and everyone can see what they have learned and share what they know as well. This will allow everyone to possibly learn something new, and add to it. You can create Padlet and ask questions for student to answer for an assignment.

Sources and Reviews:

Podcasts and Digital Storytelling


After digging into our resources to what Podcasts and Digital Storytelling is I realized that these sources are great ideas for students to not only learn but learn the common core standards as well.

I think the benefits of using all great technology are being able to understand more. I know in the “What Teens are Learning from “Serial” and other Podcasts” it talked about a statistic saying that you get much more student engagement by doing these kinds of things in class. I think it is great that you get more class time spent together, and it is great that it gives students the chance to hear the story being told to them, rather than reading it themselves. It also benefits students by providing them with great problem-solving skills as well. According to the same article, students seem really interested in it. That is something I would keep doing. Common Core standards can be boring, but if you are able to do this Digital Storytelling and listen to Podcasts and students are interested in it, then keep it going! I think it’s great so far.

I think there is going to be some disadvantages in Digital Storytelling and Podcasts because I feel like it could take away the independent part of learning. I also think that if you aren’t able to have Internet at home, that is going to be hard for you to engage in Podcasts or Digital Storytelling. Also, Podcasts aren’t private. I feel these would be the common disadvantages of using both of kinds of technologies.

I think that if I were to become a teacher, I would indeed try and have my students create in these forms. Creating is the hardest thing your mind can do, but doing Podcasts and such are going to be so much fun for them. I think that students get so bored of just reading on their own all the time, or doing all of this hard stuff to complete the standards. But, this looks like fun. Even just listening in on stories that are popular and engaging would be fun. Coming from me, a student who never got to learn this way, I would be willing to try and make my students learning experience more fun then what I had.

Overall, It did surprise me how effective the technology was. I didn’t know that you could achieve some of the Common Core standards by doing Podcasts and Digital Storytelling. Like I said, that was so boring to learn about when I was in school and there are a few ways to be able to meet the standard. This is why I find it so fascinating that there is now another way out there, and it is actually fun and effective. My biggest takeaway was seeing how it is great for hands-on learners and how it develops the strong problem-solving methods for students. I can’t wait to try this out someday.

Great sources when learning about Podcasts and Digital Storytelling:

Teacher’s Guide to Digital Storytelling

What Teens are Learning from “Serial” and other Podcasts

What Teens are Learning From ‘Serial’ and Other Podcasts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Podcasts